Blue Marble Ice Cream

New! Ship Our Ice Cream!

Welcome to NYC's
only certified organic
ice cream plant!

This is where much of the Blue Marble magic happens: our very own ice cream plant, located in the heart of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. We are thrilled to have found our home at Industry City, a historic industrial complex originally built in 1895. At one time, Industry City was the largest multi-tenant industrial property in the United States and the largest manufacturing and distribution center in the world. Today, Industry City is a cross-section of commerce and culture, with tenants ranging from manufacturers and wholesalers to artists and LOTS of incredible local food producers and purveyors.

In addition to our Sunset Park facility, we make some of our larger-volume products (pints and mini cups, primarily) at a family-owned and operated facility that has been churning some of the region’s best ice cream since the 1930s. Having this dual production capacity has enabled us to diversify our offerings and sustainably scale to meet the growing demand for our ice cream.

A glimpse of Industry City's past...
A glimpse of Industry City's past...

Manufacturing in NYC is staging an exciting comeback,
particularly in the artisanal food realm. We're proud
to be a member of this growing community.