Blue Marble Ice Cream

Celebrate : Private Events

Getting married? Planning a party? Let us help you celebrate! Blue Marble can join the fun in a variety of ways...


Pick your favorite flavors, tell us how many guests you expect, and let the fun begin! Our adorable Blue Marble ice cream carts are the cherry on top of any festive gathering. Click here to inquire about rates and services, or download our information sheet for basic pricing and packages (PDF).


Sundae bar, anyone? Treat your guests to a smorgasbord of treats, served atop our award-winning, best-of-the best organic ice cream. We can work with your caterer or plan on our own. For more info, write to us at


Come have a party with us at our Underhill Ave. location in Prospect Heights! With a lovely backyard space (seasonal) and plenty of treats for kids and adults alike, we offer several options to make your celebration just right for you! For more info, let us know exactly what you're looking forĀ here.

Underhill Backyard
Underhill Backyard