Blue Marble Ice Cream

We are what we eat.

This is why it’s so important that we communicate through our food choices about what we want and who we want to be.  By choosing to become a certified organic company, Blue Marble is making that statement loud and clear.  We want healthy animals and sustainable ecosystems.  We want to feel good and make informed food choices that satisify both our appetite and our conscience.


Certified Organic products must adhere to strict standards and are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with all organic regulations?

NO growth hormones
NO pesticides used in the cultivation of ANY ingredients
NO Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs)
NO synthetic fertilizers
Cows must pasture regularly and eat only certified organic feed

Organic dairy consumption is on the rise?

Increased sales reveal customers are more aware of the health benefits and superior quality of organic milk than ever before: In 2012, conventional milk demand fell between 1% and 2%, while the US organic market has grown at a rate of 8% (Wall Street Journal, August 2012)

    Organic Dairy has added health benefits?

    Organic milk from pasture-raised cows have higher levels of vitamin E, Omega 3 essential fatty acids, beta carotene and other antioxidants than milk from conventional cows raised in confinement.  One study found 50% higher levels in Vitamin E and 75% higher levels in beta carotene.

    From Blue Marble's very beginning, we committed to the exclusive use of grass-fed organic dairy in our ice cream.  This decision was as much about the people who eat our ice cream as it was about the farmers who make it possible.  Advances in technology, combined with rising costs, yield demands and market volatility, make it very tempting force many farmers to sell or convert their fields into veritable factories, often sacrificing quality for efficiency, just to break even.  Organic dairy farming is not only eco-sustainable, it also provides farmers a living wage. By using organic ingredients, we support small farms and producers and help build a solid market for their products.  We hope this encourages others to join them, and as responsible agriculture grows and prospers, so do we all.

    When you dig into some Blue Marble ice cream, you are joining our chorus.  You’re speaking out in support of organic products and letting conscientious businesses and farmers know that what they’re doing is valued and worthwhile. We appreciate it.

    So be sure to look for that USDA organic seal.  The people behind those products worked very hard to achieve it and offer it to you as their verified promise of quality and integrity.